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Exterior Color Chart

"Exterior Colors and Finishes.  In order to reinforce the beautiful natural environment of Kent Woodlands, natural colors and finishing materials (meaning earth tones or other colors indicated on a color chart adopted as part of the Architectural  Rules) should be used on the exterior surfaces  of structural improvements."

           – Article VI Section 12, KWPOA CC&Rs

The "Color Chart" has for many years served as an easy to use reference for the selection of exterior colors by members of KWPOA. In 2022, the KWPOA Board of Directors adopted an expanded Color Chart consisting of earth tones and lighter earth tones with a maximum LRV of 55. An all-member poll indicated that this set of colors and this LRV limit received the broadest acceptance of the membership.


Members who wish to paint the exterior of their homes and other structures a color other than its existing color must use a color from this Color Chart, or a similar color which must be an earth tone within the approved LRV range. If they seek to use a color which is not on the Color Chart, they must apply to the Architectural Committee for approval. However, they should keep in mind that all exterior colors must be earth tones which meet the LRV requirements. (LRV is a measure of “light reflective value” or brightness. All paint manufacturers make the LRV of each paint color known.)


Members who wish to repaint their homes with the current color, if it is an approved color, may do so without seeking approval.


The Color Chart is displayed in the KWPOA office. To see it, contact Architectural Committee Coordinator at or 415-721-7429.


What happens if you make the mistake of painting your exterior in an unapproved color?

  • If the Board receives a complaint about the exterior color of a member property, it will ask the Architectural Committee Coordinator to do a site visit to determine whether it is an approved color. If it is not an approved color, the matter will be brought before the Board and your property will be placed under enforcement. It is very likely you will be asked to repaint your exterior. This must be done within a specified number of days with daily fines accruing if the deadline is passed.

  • If you repaint your exterior in preparation for selling it -- perhaps on the advice of a Realtor who is not familiar with the KWPOA rules or the similar County rules stated in the “Kent Woodlands Land Use Policy Report” – you will be placed under disciplinary action and receive an enforcement letter giving you a deadline by which the exterior must be repainted and informing you of the daily fines which will accrue if you do not do so. The enforcement letter will be included in the required disclosure documents provided to you or your Realtor to ensure that potential buyers are aware of the issue. Potential buyers will be advised that if the issue is not corrected prior to the transfer of the property, the buyer will be responsible for repainting in an approved color.  

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