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Design Review

Welcome to Design Review. This process exists to ensure that any construction is in keeping with the rules, character, and spirit of Kent Woodlands. The Architectural Committee of the Kent Woodlands Property Owners Association sets policies and guidelines that are intended to uphold the governing CC&Rs of the association and protect and enhance the unique characteristics of our neighborhood.  

A fundamental policy of Kent Woodlands Design Review is that new construction, additions, remodels or landscape modifications must not significantly reduce the seclusion, privacy or views of existing residents. At the same time, the KWPOA and the Architectural Committee are extremely mindful of the environmental challenges all residents face, value projects that address these challenges, and will work closely with homeowners on issues of fire safety and energy independence.


All projects and proposals which involve any external change to the appearance of any part of the property or the structures on the property must receive approval from the Architectural Committee of the KWPOA. The Committee consists of property owners who are currently members of the Kent Woodlands Property Owners Association. Committee members are responsible for processing, reviewing and voting on the projects submitted. A professional Architecture consultant and administrative staff assists them in fulfilling these responsibilities.



Step 1: After Contacting the KWPOA Architectural Consultant, Submit an Application and the Requisite Documents and Fees

To be considered for Design Review, homeowners must submit a complete application (with supporting documents) and the necessary fees by the 21st of the month to be considered for the following month’s hearing. If the 21st is a holiday or weekend, the application must be received in advance of that day. You can download applications from the Forms and Documents page. We have a paid Architectural Consultant who can answer any questions about the application, and we strongly recommend reaching out before filling out an application for guidance. The Architectural Coordinator can be reached at 415.721.7429 or Many Bay Area architects have worked with KWPOA in the past, and so are familiar with our process.


For an application to be considered “complete,” it must provide all required information for the type of project being submitted, including the signature of the property owner (absolutely required), evidence of contact with adjacent neighbors and the appropriate filing fee. Please contact the Architectural Coordinator to clarify neighbor notifications procedures.

Step 2: Site Visit

Usually, but not always, the KWPOA Architectural Committee does a site visit on the afternoon of the Architectural Committee meeting. It is frequently helpful if the architect and/or homeowner can be present for this. The Architectural Coordinator will be in contact if a site visit is needed.


Step 3: KWPOA Architectural Committee Meeting

Decisions to approve or deny projects are made by majority vote during public Architectural Committee meetings, typically held on the second Tuesday of each month, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the KWPOA office (currently all virtual). Meeting dates and the list of new applications are presented in the monthly member newsletter, which is mailed or emailed to all association members at the beginning of each month.


The Committee will review your project and consider the impacts on adjacent neighbors and the Kent Woodlands community at large and conformance to the CC&Rs. The Committee will vote on your project during the meeting, and a written copy of the final decision will be sent to you and the County. Should you be dissatisfied with the decision of the Committee, you have the right to appeal the decision to the KWPOA Board of Directors.


Please note that applicants must receive design review approval from BOTH the KWPOA and the County through their separate approval processes. The County recommends that property owners submit their project through KWPOA prior to submitting for any discretionary permits to the County because the KWPOA CC&Rs may have further requirements that may not be required by County Code. Both the County and KWPOA recommend that applicants applying for a County permit submit the KWPOA’s Approval Letter in their County application package.


Step 4: During Construction

If, as the project proceeds, there are any significant changes to the plans involving external structures, fencing, landscaping etc., you must notify the KWPOA Architectural Committee by reaching out to the Architectural Coordinator. This may require an addendum to the original application.


Step 5: Upon Completion

Once your project is completed you are required to have a “Close Out Site Visit” with the KWPOA Architectural Coordinator. This site visit is to verify that all improvements were made exactly as approved by the Architectural Committee and that there are no CC&R violations on your property. Your project will not be considered complete, and no refunds of unused reserve fees will be granted, until this close-out site visit is successfully completed. 


Again, please reach out to or 415.721.7429 with any questions.

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