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Fire Safety

Here in Kent Woodlands, we take delight in our beautiful mountain-side surroundings. However, our topography, weather, open space and vegetation make us vulnerable to wildfire, and we must take fire safety very seriously.

KWPOA has a dedicated Fire Safety Committee and partners with a number of organizations to provide our members with information and services to assist them in keeping their homes and families safe. Kent Woodlands became a nationally recognized Firewise USA neighborhood in 2018 by focusing on wildfire fuel reduction, creating defensible space around homes, and community engagement about wildfire safety. This designation makes us eligible for much-needed grants for the clearing of wild lands adjacent to Kent Woodlands.

The links to the right provide important information that can help you protect your family and reduce the threat of wildfire in our neighborhood. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to become involved with our Fire Safety Committee, please contact us at


The President’s Note from July 2019

Wildfires are often spread by airborne embers


The President’s Note from September 2019

County fire mitigation work on lands adjacent to Kent Woodlands


The President’s Note from November 2019

Surviving PG&E Power Outages 

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